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Bonus Games
With the appearance on the reels of the Mister Diamond or Link symbols, you can access several bonus games
Bonus Diamond Spin
When 3 or 4 Mr. Diamond symbols are drawn you enter the Bonus Diamond Spin and get a random number of Spins.
With 3 Mr. Diamonds at each Spin up to 15 blue diamonds worth between 1 and 5 times the bet will be drawn.
With 4 Mr. Diamonds at each Spin up to 15 blue or red diamonds will be drawn.
Blue diamonds have a value between 1 and 5 times the bet, while red diamonds have a value between 6 and 10 times the bet.
It will not be possible to change the bet during this stage.
When 5 Mr. Diamond symbols are drawn, the Diamond Bonus is accessed and you get 3 choices.
Each round the player will choose his or her favorite diamond, which may contain a Mystery Prize (WIN), access to the Bonus Caveau level ( NEXT LEVEL ) or nothing ( LOSE ).
By accessing the Bonus Caveau level, the player will have only one choice.
Inside the chosen safe, the player will find a Mystery Prize.
New Link symbols may be added to each Free-Spin which, in addition to guaranteeing the reported win, will add 2 Free-Spins.
Each Link symbol can have either a Win value or a Jackpot value among Mini, Minor and Mega.
Should 15 Link symbols come out, the player will win, in addition to the prizes of each symbol, the Jackpot Grand worth 2000 times the bet, and the remaining Free-Spins will be reset.
Should they run out of Free-Spins instead, the player will win the sum of the prizes.
Extra Functions

Buy Bonus
Mr. Diamond and Ultra Link bonuses are activated immediately from the base game by purchasing them for 25 times and 100 times the stake, respectively.
When you purchase the Mr. Diamond Bonus, it will start a spin with between 3 and 5 Mr. Diamond symbols guaranteeing access to one of the two Bonuses provided.
When you purchase the Ultra Link Bonus, a spin will start with a minimum number of 6 Link symbols granting access to the Bonus.
Activating the Autoplay function will automate a number of Spins.
It will also be possible to enable or disable the Quick Spin and Skip Win features:
– By enabling the Quick Spin function, the spins will be immediate.
– By enabling the Skip Win feature, the recap of any winning lines will be shortened.
When the Autoplay feature is active, the remaining number of automatic spins will be indicated.
During the basic game phases, it will be possible to disable the Autoplay function by pressing any key.